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A monthly released saga, where our heroic leader, Barry, leads himself and a group of friends, through a wild, hazy adventure. The tales will be fueled by tankards of ale, and they will be sure to be entertaining enough to make your ears bleed! This will be one world worth exploring!

Hosts: Barry Harris

Episode Details

Episode Number: 2
Episode Title: Penny Fort Mayhem
Released: Sun, 20 May 2012 13:00:00
Length: 01:33:02

In this episode Barry is joined by Andrew and Marc for some wild times, where we discuss El Mudo, Crazy Frog, the Hoobintudinal Line, we issue an open challenge to Jon Lajoie, penny fort mayhem, Impractical Jokes and Brian Quinn, TGW, FPSRussia, comic book movies, movies that never got what they deserved, Token makes another appearance, snow golf, and then Mitch Hedburg almost kills us.


Download: DSPP-002.mp3


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