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TV For Vendetta

Brian Van Alstyne and Michael Demko take you on a fantastic journey into the world of television. It's got news, reviews, previews, spoilers, and everything else you could ever want about a TV podcast. We'll discuss everything from 24 to Zoey 101.

Hosts: Michael Demko, Brian VanAlstyne

Episode Details

Episode Number: 199
Episode Title: After Pluto: An interview with Lane and Sara
Released: Mon, 6 Mar 2017 12:51:08
Length: 00:00:00

In this episode, the guys interview Lane Allison and Sara Lafferty about their new web series "After Pluto." You can find more about the show at afterpluto.com. Email the show at vendetta@pantsnet.ca


Download: TV4VAfterPluto.mp3


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